Unifaun/nShift Delivery Checkout

Brink Commerce has an integration with the Transportation Management provider Unifaun Please provide Brink Commerce with the required credentials before starting. Brink Commerce provide an API endpoint for Unifaun Delivery Checkout.

[Lägg till mermaid hur man använder nShift genom Brink]

How to handle updates to the cart

Every change to the cart requires a new call to get the available shipping options based on the current state of the cart.


You need to verify that a previously selected shipping option added to the cart, is still valid for the current cart. If so, that shipping option can remain selected and if not, it needs to be removed from the cart.

Complete the Brink Commerce checkout

Make the necessary cart to order requests and complete the flow.

Brink Commerce order process

On order success | canceled, Brink Commerce will create a stored shipment in Unifaun or remove the stored shipment.

Additional resources

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