Brand API

countryCodeStringthe country, ie. "SE" for Sweden[A-Z]{2}
languageCodeStringthe language, ie. "sv" for Swedish[a-z]{2}

currencyUnitStringthe currency, ie. "SEK" for Swedish Krona[A-Z]{3}
taxPercentageIntegerthe amount of sales tax in percentageMin: 0. Max: 40

It's countryCode and languageCode that makes the unique combination for a Store. If you've set up a Store and want to change any of these value, you need to delete it and recreate it with the right values.

  • Which currency to use and hence which price applies to the specific products in the cart.
  • Which country code to be used, and hence which (product)translations (display name) to use and which country the purchase is taking place, applying tax correctly.
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