Create Klarna order

How you create an order using Klarna is explained in the "Get started"-guide.

Please provide Brink Commerce with the required credentials before starting.

How to handle updates to the cart

When you make changes to the cart you must create a new session with Klarna Checkout through /orderv1/carts/klarna/orders

sequenceDiagram Customer->>FrontEnd: Go to checkout FrontEnd->>BrinkCommerce: Create Order note over FrontEnd, BrinkCommerce: POST /carts/klarna/orders BrinkCommerce->>Klarna: Submit order request Klarna-->>BrinkCommerce: return html-snippet BrinkCommerce-->>FrontEnd: return html-snippet FrontEnd-->>FrontEnd: Show order iframe Customer -->> Klarna: Handle Payment note over Customer, Klarna : - Klarna presents available Payment Methods <br>- Klarna collects Shipping and Billing details <br> - Starts a payment <br> - Klarna handles additional actions <br> - Klarna-->>Customer: Redirect to confirmation page FrontEnd -->>BrinkCommerce: Get Order BrinkCommerce -->> FrontEnd: Return Order note over BrinkCommerce, FrontEnd : Including HTML-snippet FrontEnd-->>Customer: Show confirmation ifram Klarna->>BrinkCommerce: Confirmation Callback note over Klarna, BrinkCommerce :2 min after a completed <br>order Klarna will provide Brink with<br> full order object incl. <br>all customer details. BrinkCommerce -->> BrinkCommerce: Set order state: SUCCESS

Not what you are looking for?

Then take a look att the next section and how to create an order using Adyen.