Create Adyen order

Before getting started the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Get your API key and client key
    You can create them in Adyen Merchant Center.
  2. Set up webhook
    The webhook should be set it up towards https://api.${env} If you are unsure which environment to point towards, please contact Brink support and we'll help you.
  3. Install a server-side library.

The API key and the HMAC generated when setting up the webhook, must be provided to Brink for configuration purposes server side.

How it works

  1. First you will create an Adyen session through Brinks endpoint /orderv1/carts/adyen/orders with the jwtToken. Brink uses the latest api from Adyen. The return url will contain the following:
  • sessionId
  • redirectResult
  • signature
  • orderId
  1. Set up the Drop-in.
    Instructions how can be found in Adyens documentation.
  2. Get the payment outcome.
    This is handled by endpoint that you've set up the webhook towards.
  3. Use the signature to fetch the order from on the confirmation page.
sequenceDiagram Customer->>FrontEnd: Fill out adress details Customer->>FrontEnd: Go to Payment FrontEnd->>BrinkCommerce: Pass shopper details note over FrontEnd, BrinkCommerce: POST /carts/adyen/orders BrinkCommerce->>Adyen: Submit session request Adyen-->>BrinkCommerce: return sessionData BrinkCommerce-->>FrontEnd: return sessionData FrontEnd-->>FrontEnd: Initiate Drop In note over FrontEnd : - Presents available Payment Methods <br>- Collects payment details <br> - Starts a payment <br> - Handles additional actions <br> - calls onPaymentCompleted <br> - Presents the payment result Adyen->>BrinkCommerce: AUTHORISATION webhook

How to handle updates to the cart

If any changes are done to the cart, you need to create a new session through the enpoint /orderv1/carts/adyen/orders and then load the response into the Drop-in, as described earlier. [Ankar-länka till "How it works"]

Display an order on the confirmation page

Some payment methods will process payments on a hosted payment page (HHP). In these cases you can fetch the order with a HTTP GET towards /orderv1/payments/adyen/orders/{id}/confirmation, given the orderId and signature from the success redirect callback , example ''.