Using Brink Commerce APi allows you to build and design the checkout ythe way you want it. Multiple payment and shipping providers are available such as Adyen and Klarna. In order to achieve the most effective checkout flow the following is considered:

Brink best practice is to build the checkout page sequential for:

  1. Shipping [ Brink | Ingrid | Unifaun/nShift ]
  2. Discount
  3. Adress collection
  4. Payment [ Klarna | Adyen ]
  5. Confirmation page


Brink offers shipping checkout solutions using one of the following:

  • Nshift Delivery Checkout
  • Ingrid
  • Klarna Shipping Assistant

These solutions are partner integrations and offered out of the box using Brink.

In addition, shipping options and shipping rules can be set up using either the API (see management section) or Brink Merchant Portal.


Through the Brink Commerce provider API, a variety of payment methods, services, and checkout solutions (i.e. Klarna, Adyen, Stripe, etc.) are offered for you as a merchant to provide a global but local experience to your customers. 

Brink continuously develops, extends, and maintains the options available for localizing the payment experience. The following payment service providers are currently offered through Brink Commerce API:

  • Adyen End-to-end payments, data, and financial management in a single solution. A financial technology platform to help you realize your ambitions fast.

  • Klarna End-to-end payments, data, and financial management in a single solution.

sequenceDiagram loop Checkout Sequence - Cart Customer->>FrontEnd: Add to cart note over Customer, FrontEnd: POST orderv1/carts BrinkCommerce-->> FrontEnd: Return Full Cart Customer->>FrontEnd: Add discount code note over Customer, FrontEnd: PUT orderv1/carts end loop Checkout Sequence - Shipping (Ingrid) Customer -->> FrontEnd: Go to checkout FrontEnd -->> BrinkCommerce: Get Shipping Widget note over FrontEnd, BrinkCommerce: POST integrationsv1/integrations/ingrid/delivery-checkout BrinkCommerce -->> Ingrid: Start Session note over BrinkCommerce, Ingrid: Including cart contents (Orderlines, Totals, Discounts etc.) Ingrid -->> BrinkCommerce: Response note over Ingrid, BrinkCommerce: HTML-snippet BrinkCommerce-->>FrontEnd: Response note over BrinkCommerce, FrontEnd: HTML-snippet FrontEnd-->>Customer: Display Ingrid Shipping Widget Customer -->> Ingrid: Select Shipping Option Ingrid -->> BrinkCommerce: Update session note over Ingrid, BrinkCommerce: Update session with selected shipping option FrontEnd-->>BrinkCommerce: Get order note over FrontEnd, BrinkCommerce: Get order for display to end user end loop Checkout Sequence - Payment (Klarna) FrontEnd->>BrinkCommerce: Create Order note over FrontEnd, BrinkCommerce: POST /carts/klarna/orders BrinkCommerce->>Klarna: Create Order Klarna-->>BrinkCommerce: return html-snippet BrinkCommerce-->>FrontEnd: return html-snippet FrontEnd-->>FrontEnd: Show order iframe Customer -->> Klarna: Handle Payment note over Customer, Klarna : - Klarna presents available Payment Methods <br>- Klarna collects Shipping and Billing details <br> - Starts a payment <br> - Klarna handles additional actions <br> - Klarna-->>Customer: Redirect to confirmation page FrontEnd -->>BrinkCommerce: Get Order note over FrontEnd, BrinkCommerce: /orderv1/payments/klarna/order BrinkCommerce -->> FrontEnd: Return Order note over BrinkCommerce, FrontEnd : Including HTML-snippet FrontEnd-->>Customer: Show confirmation ifram Klarna->>BrinkCommerce: Confirmation Callback note over Klarna, BrinkCommerce :2 min after a completed <br>order Klarna will provide Brink with<br> full order object incl. <br>all customer details. BrinkCommerce -->> BrinkCommerce: Set order state: SUCCESS end