Cart & Order API

A cart is the customer journey's first touchpoint with Brink Commerce API. By calling our API and creating a cart, all information, such as order total, discounts, taxes, etc., is available in the response and for you to design the experience around.

The Cart

A Brink Commerce Cart needs a productVariant to be created but also supports product add-ons. The cart also holds discount information, and any cart rule available is automatically applied and returned in the response.


A productVariant, as well as the cart, can hold metadata of your choice for post-purchase consuming systems.

Requirements and Best Practice

The order requires a cart with items. One of the item must be a shippingOption. Two order flows exist. You can use either the payment provider Adyen or Klarna.

Brink Commerce's best practice is to build the checkout page sequential for:

  1. Shipping
  2. Adress Collection
  3. Payment


  • Using Adyen, we recommend collecting billing and shipping addresses prior to converting the cart to order and supplying this information in the cart-to-order call.
  • For Klarna Checkout integration, billing and shipping address is populated by completing the Klarna Checkout process and the information is available on the order success event.
  • If you want to use both PSPs (Klarna and Adyen) in the same checkout, it is our recommendation that the two payment flows are handled in parallel in order to minimize any consumer data input in the checkout.