Product management

Product is an intentionally minimal entity in Brink Commerce API. We believe product information belongs in PIM and ERP systems. The product entity exists for processing orders and transaction purposes only, meaning there are no product information enrichment possibilities. Instead, only information necessary for the transaction, such as SKU number, price, and stock, is used.

Brink Commerce API works with any PIM or ERP

Brink Commerce API works with any PIM or ERP

Setting up a product is done using the Product API. There are three different types of products in Brink Commerce API.

Product types

The model product has three different types in Brink Commerce API.


A product acts as a parent. It holds general information about the product and its relationship to productVariant.


Holds variant-specific information (price, size, etc.). When a purchase is made, it's always the productVariant that is sold, never the product.


You always have to create both a product AND a productVariant.

Product Add-ons

Product Add-ons are optional, additional products or services that are always connected to a product. An add-on can be added to the cart with an item on the product page. It is never sold separately and always needs to be connected to another product in the cart. They do not hold any individual stock, instead, they rely on their parent products to be in stock. Add-ons have similar properties to product variants. They have a price, a discount, an image, etc. The price can be set to 0 and the image doesn’t have to be used. This way, they can cover different use cases.

Example Use Cases:

  • Adding customizations (i.e engraving on a ring, custom print on a t-shirt, embroidery on a bathrobe, etc).
  • Adding an insurance plan for a product.
  • Adding gift wrapping to an item.

Add-ons can be linked to products either by

  1. supplying a list of compatible product id:s when creating/updating an add-on, or
  2. by supplying a list of compatible add-ons when creating/updating a product. Choose the method that is most suitable for your product/add-on structure.

Available product types

productA product acting as a parent for all productVariantsBlack Socks
productVariantA product that stores the price, size, etc.Black Socks Size 9
addonAddon productsGiftwrapping, engravings

Furthermore, Hooks can be configured for the different statuses of the product.

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