Inventory management

Brink Commerce API inventory functionality allows for multiple inventories to be created and assigned to your stores. Create, prioritize and update inventories to suit your needs, enabling products to be available across different locations and channels.

The stock and inventory functionality is fully available via our Stock Management API.

Inventory functionality

The stock management API gives you features such as:

  • Product stock validation
  • Stock prioritization
  • Multiple inventories

Best Practice

Multiple warehouses with prioritization

Brink Commerce API will use the warehouse with the highest prioritization (lowest integer) that has stock for all the products in the cart.

Dedicated warehouse

We recommend that you primarily use a dedicated warehouse to minimize oversell. When using a dedicated warehouse, Brink Commerce API is handling the stock levels. Therefore, stock updates should only be done once per day or when an inbound delivery is made.

Shared warehouse

We recommend that this type of warehouse is only used as a secondary warehouse. A shared warehouse requires that Brink Commerce API is updated every time there is a change in stock levels.

classDiagram inventory_EU --> store_SE inventory_EU --> store_DE inventory_EU --> store_FR inventory_US --> store_US inventory_US --> store_CA inventory_US --> store_MX class inventory_EU{ productId availableQuantity reservedQuantity stockQuantity ("priority" : "0") } class inventory_US{ productId availableQuantity reservedQuantity stockQuantity ("priority" : "0") }

Inventory sequence

sequenceDiagram participant A as Customer participant B as Brink Commerce API participant C as ERP C-->>C: Inbound Delivery Note over C,C: QT: 100 C->>+B: StockUpdate Note over C,B: QT: 100 loop: Update B->>B: StockUpdate Note over B,B: QT: 100 end A->>+B: Order Note over A,B: QT: 1 loop: Update B->>B: StockUpdate Note over B,B: QT: 99 end B-->>+C: Order C-->>C: Inbound Delivery Note over C,C: QT: 99

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