Discount management

Discounts are handled in the Brink Commerce API discount management (not by a the ERP). The Merchant Portal has an excellent function for managing discounts, but you're also able to manage them through the API.

Brink Discount APIs

Our APIs are divided into two categories— Management APIs and Shopper APIs. Management APIs let you create rules, offers, discounts, and coupons using your conditions and predicates.

Brink Commerce API offers the ability to either manage discounts and rules either via the Brink Commerce API or using Brink Merchant Portal.

  • Shopper APIs serve prices and promotions if the conditions are met. These APIs are supported by Brink’s dynamic rule engine, which evaluates promotions, calculates prices and offers in real-time for one or many items, and allows for displaying these prices in the cart or checkout.
  • Discount Rules - Our innovative and powerful templates let you create a dynamic experience using discount rules and multi-buy discount logic. The templates allow for incredible creativity with how promotions work and how you incentivize sales of specific products, combinations, or quantity of products.
  • Vouchers & Discount Codes using unique discount codes and discount code groups that can be applied to specific channels, countries, and customer groups. You can set rule-based promotions and configure discount codes to be customer-specific. Discounts can be used not just to slash product prices but also to provide free shipping.
  • A promotional price is product related. For example, all blue shirts. The promotional price is set in the ERP.
  • A discount is always cart-related and is applied when products are added to the cart.
  • Products with a promotional price set in the ERP can still be subject to discounts applied in the cart.

Discount types

Discount CodeA discount valid for a set period of time. Requires a code in the checkout to be applied.

Example: "Enter code to get 10% off"
- Shareable
- Easy to create
- Easy to set time frame
Discount Rule A discount, sometime called cart rule, valid for all customers fulfilling the rule criteria.

Example: "Free shipping for orders above 100"
- Easy to create
- Easy to set time frame
- Cannot display the discounted price on product/listing pages
VoucherA code where you can determine how many times a discount is valid.

Example: "10% off your next purchase"
- Easy to create in bulk
- Easy to set time frame
- Cannot display the discounted price on product/listing pages