Set up Adyen as payment provider

To begin, create an Adyen account at

Then, proceed to configure the API credentials in Adyen, generate the necessary keys, and securely store the following keys for future access:

  • API key
  • Client key
  • Live url prefix (if live account)

Adyen webhooks

First, you need to configure the Adyen webhooks in Brink via "Generate webhook" and make sure to store the provided password.

Next, configure a webhook in Adyen with the following:

Finally, generate the HMAC ID and securely store it for future access.

Remember to store the HMAC ID for future access.

Adyen configuration in Merchant Portal

Configure Adyen in Merchant Portal with the requested inputs.

Please enter the identifier that you chose when configuring the webhook. This identifier can be found in the webhooks table. Additionally, the Merchant account can be found in Adyen.

If you are using the test environment, simply use test as Live endpoint url prefix

Merchant Portal - Input Adyen credentials