Setting up the Brink environment

First, we must set up a Payment provider, Shipping provider, and Inventory. After that, we add Store groups and Store markets and connect Providers and Inventories to Store Markets.

After that, we configure Tax groups and Tax markets

The easiest way to set this up is with the Brink Merchant Portal. Brink Merchant Portal is just an interface we've created to cover operations you seldom do and give you a view of what you've created in Brink Commerce API.

Brink Merchant Portal uses Brink Commerce API to perform all operations, so the same end-points are therefore available to you if you rather do the setup through API calls.

Login to the Brink Merchant Portal for the assigned environment https://merchant-portal.{environmentName} with the provided login credentials.

Brink Merchant Portal - Login

Configure a Payment provider

To configure a Payment provider, navigate to Settings -> Payment -> Provider you want to configure


Create an Adyen account:

Configure API credentials in Adyen, generate the necessary keys, and securely store the following keys for future access:

  • API key
  • Client key
  • Live URL prefix (if live account)

Adyen webhooks

First, you need to configure the Adyen webhooks in Brink via "Generate webhook" and make sure to store the provided password.

Next, configure a webhook in Adyen with the following:

Finally, generate the HMAC ID and securely store it for future access.

Remember to store the HMAC ID for future access.

Adyen configuration in Merchant Portal

Configure Adyen in the Merchant Portal with the requested inputs.

Please enter the identifier that you chose when configuring the webhook. This identifier can be found in the webhooks table. Additionally, the Merchant account can be found in Adyen.

If you are using the test environment, simply use test as Live endpoint url prefix

Merchant Portal - Input Adyen credentials

Configure a Shipping provider

To configure a Shipping provider, navigate to Settings -> Shipping -> Provider you want to configure

Brink Merchant portal - Ingrid credentials

Create inventories

To create an Inventory, navigate to Inventories Input name and description -> + Add new inventory

Create a store group

To create a Store group, navigate to Store groups Input name and description -> + Add new store group

Brink Merchant Portal - Add store group

Create a store market

Create Store market with on selected Store group, choose country and currency and connect providers and inventory.

Brink Merchant Portal - Add tax market

Create a tax group

To create a Tax group, navigate to Tax groups Input name and description -> + Add new tax group

Brink Merchant Portal - Add tax group

Create a tax market

Create Tax market on selected Tax group, choose country, add tax percentage and number of decimals used.

Brink Merchant Portal - Add tax market

Connect shipping to tax group

First create Tax group for shipping then go to Taxes -> Shipping Tax -> Add shipping tax, choose which tax group should be connected to shipping.

Next step: Create product

With your Brink environment set up, it's time to create a product