Brink Commerce API Overview

The Brink Commerce API is built on the MACH principles, which emphasize microservices for modular development, an API-first approach for seamless integrations, cloud-native deployment for scalability, and headless commerce for front-end independence.

The Three Domains of Brink Commerce API

Management API

The Management API serves as the central hub for machine-to-machine integrations, catering to systems such as ERP and PIM. This domain encompasses essential services such as:

  • Store: Facilitates the integration of store information.
  • Tax: Manages taxation details.
  • Product: Handles product information and management.
  • Price: Enables dynamic pricing strategies.
  • Inventory: Manages stock and inventory data.
  • Discount: Enables the application of various discount types.

Shopper API

The Shopper API is designed to cater to front-end integrations, irrespective of the technology stack. It aligns perfectly with the JAMstack architecture, enabling web apps to interact with Brink Commerce. Key functionalities of the Shopper API include:

  • Session Management: Creating and managing user sessions for personalized experiences.
  • Cart Operations: Building and managing shopping carts.
  • Checkout Process: Enabling smooth and intuitive checkout experiences.
  • Provider Endpoints: Providing endpoints for payment, shipping, and more.

Order Management API

The Order Management API enables client integrations serving systems like ERP, WMS, OMS, and CRM. This domain facilitates:

  • Order Fulfillment: Ensuring efficient order processing and fulfillment.
  • Communication: Enabling effective CRM communications for enhanced customer relationships.
  • Integration: Integrating with back-end systems for a unified workflow.

Serverless Architecture and Event Subscriptions

The Brink Commerce API is built entirely on serverless technology, ensuring auto-scalability, cost-effectiveness, and rapid deployment. Moreover, merchants can subscribe to events via EventBridge and Webhooks, allowing real-time updates to the Brink Commerce ecosystem changes.

graph TD subgraph External Client A[External Client Integration] end subgraph Management API B[Store] C[Tax] D[Product] E[Price] F[Inventory] G[Discount] end subgraph Event Flow B -->|Events| K[Shopper API] K -->|Events| N[Order Management API] end subgraph Shopper API K end subgraph Front-end Client L[Front-end Client] L -->|API Calls| K end subgraph Order Management API N end subgraph Client Integration O[Client Integration] O -->|API Calls| N end subgraph External Client A -->|Data| B A -->|Data| C A -->|Data| D A -->|Data| E A -->|Data| F A -->|Data| G end subgraph Shopper API K -->|API Calls| L end subgraph Order Management API N -->|Data| O end