Events in Brink Commerce API


Brink Commerce API offers a robust event system that enables you to subscribe to various events related to Product, Discount, and Order services. You can subscribe to these events in two ways:

  1. Webhook: Specify a URL to receive event data.
  2. AWS EventBridge: Utilize AWS's event bus service for more complex workflows.

The events carry all the necessary data, eliminating the need to fetch additional information via the API.

Available Services

  • Product: Events related to product creation, updates, and deletions.
  • Discount: Events concerning discount rules and discount code rules.
  • Order: Events that trigger when an order is created.

Events Table

Event NameServiceDescription
AddonCreatedProductTriggered when a new addon is created
AddonDeletedProductTriggered when an addon is deleted
AddonUpdatedProductTriggered when an addon is updated
DiscountCodeRuleCreatedDiscountTriggered when a discount code rule is created
DiscountCodeRuleDeletedDiscountTriggered when a discount code rule is deleted
DiscountCodeRuleUpdatedDiscountTriggered when a discount code rule is updated
DiscountRuleCreatedDiscountTriggered when a new discount rule is created
DiscountRuleDeletedDiscountTriggered when a discount rule is deleted
DiscountRuleUpdatedDiscountTriggered when a discount rule is updated
OrderCreatedOrderTriggered when a new order is created
ProductAddonCreatedProductTriggered when a product addon is created
ProductAddonDeletedProductTriggered when a product addon is deleted
ProductAddonUpdatedProductTriggered when a product addon is updated
ProductParentCreatedProductTriggered when a parent product is created
ProductParentDeletedProductTriggered when a parent product is deleted
ProductParentUpdatedProductTriggered when a parent product is updated
ProductVariantCreatedProductTriggered when a product variant is created
ProductVariantDeletedProductTriggered when a product variant is deleted
ProductVariantUpdatedProductTriggered when a product variant is updated

Event Flow Diagram

+---------------------+       +---------------------+       +----------------------+
|                     |       |                     |       |                      |
|  Brink Commerce API |------>|    Webhook/AWS      |------>| External Subscriber  |
|                     |       |   EventBridge       |       |                      |
+---------------------+       +---------------------+       +----------------------+

Diagram Explanation

  1. Brink Commerce API: This is the source of the events. Events related to Product, Discount, and Order services are generated here.
  2. Webhook/AWS EventBridge: This is the medium through which events are transmitted. You can use a simple webhook by specifying a URL or AWS EventBridge for more complex workflows.
  3. External Subscriber: This is the destination where the event data is sent. It could be any external system you've set up to listen to Brink Commerce API events.

The arrows indicate the direction of the event flow, starting from Brink Commerce API and ending at the external subscriber.

Use Cases for Subscribing to Events

Front-End Application Monitoring Product Updates

By subscribing to ProductUpdated events, your front-end application can instantly reflect changes in product information. This ensures that customers always see current product details, prices, or availability status.

CRM Systems Listening to Order Events

CRM systems can subscribe to OrderCreated events to capture new orders in real-time. This enables immediate follow-up actions, such as sending a thank-you email or initiating post-purchase marketing strategies.

Inventory Management

Subscribing to ProductVariantUpdated or ProductVariantDeleted events can help keep your inventory system in sync. This ensures that stock levels are accurate across all platforms.

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

By listening to DiscountRuleUpdated events, you can dynamically adjust pricing strategies in your eCommerce storefront. This is particularly useful for flash sales or limited-time promotions.

Customer Segmentation

CRM systems can also listen to DiscountCodeRuleCreated events to segment customers based on the discounts they use. This data can be leveraged for targeted marketing campaigns.

Managing Events

How to Set Up Event Destinations

  1. Log into the Brink Merchant Portal: Access your account to manage event subscriptions.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Locate the "Settings" tab on the dashboard.
  3. Select Brink: Under the "Settings" tab, you'll find the "Brink" option.
  4. Set Up Destinations: User admins can set up destinations for API webhooks and AWS EventBridges.


Specify a URL where the event data will be sent. Simple and straightforward.

AWS EventBridge

For more complex workflows, AWS EventBridge offers advanced routing and filtering options. Ideal for those already invested in AWS services.