Introduction to how Brink Commerce API is configured

Brink Commerce API isn't a traditional platform; it's a commerce API. It has the same functionality (built using the latest technology), but you will not be held back by legacy limitations. Instead, you will have more than 150 API endpoints to choose from when setting up your eCommerce operation. No lock-in effects.

150 and counting, one for every function imaginable!

Brink Commerce API

Example of the Brink Commerce API infrastructure

Understanding the concept and structure of the API

Brink Commerce API consists of multiple endpoints to handle everything from setting up your products to creating campaigns and price rules. It also provides you with state-of-the-art payment and shipping providers to complete the sale of your products while maintaining maximum flexibility and global scope.

We have divided our API into three different areas: Management APIs, Shopper APIs, Provider APIs, and Post Purchase APIs.

This split is there to serve each client connecting to Brink Commerce API in the best way possible and ensure the data and functionality offered in each set of endpoints are tailored to specific needs.

Want to get started with Brink Commerce?

The easiest way to get started is by going through our step-by-step guide, setting up the minimum requirements and prerequisites for integrating with Brink Commerce API.