Merchant Portal

Although an API-only platform, Brink provides an administrative interface to which you can log in, called Merchant Portal. The Merchant Portals’ main purpose is to give you an easy, out-of-the-box way of configuring Brink Commerce API, managing discounts and viewing data.

Brink Merchant Portal - Dasboard

Important to note

What you find in the Merchant Portal is purely built on our APIs and you can design your own Merchant Portal with your preferred functionality (i.e., reports etc.) using the data available.


The Brink Dashboard gives you an overview of your business and how things are going. This is not to be considered an replacement for any BI tool or other report/stats function. It provides your metrics with interactive visualizations, sales performance across periods, top-selling products, most used discounts, etc. All to stay up to date on how your business is performing.

Brink Merchant Portal - Dashboard

All data in the dashboard is available through our APIs, so if you want to present it differently or slice it another way, it is all up to you.


In the Merchant Portal, you can easily access your orders, customers, and any data related to that and dive deeper into the information you need. For example, orders are tracked and grouped per customer alongside the choice of payment provider, shipping option, and what product they bought together with variants and stock. 

Brink Merchant Portal - Order view

With shipping options you can specify which shipping services you want to provide to your customers for deliveries to different areas of the world at rates you can define. Create a multi-shipping and logistics solution without expensive infrastructure using ready made integrations and multi warehouse functionality to customize your shipping easily per market, currency, product etc.

Discount Management

Sales, campaigns, and promotion are crucial in modern online commerce, and Brink Commerce API lets you manage all of your discounts and price rules effectively in one place. In addition, Furthermore, Brink Commerce API has a template-based campaign engine where you, as a merchant, can create various campaigns, influencer codes, free shipping, and vouchers. 

Brink Merchant Portal - Create discount

Discount Rules - Our innovative and powerful templates let you create a dynamic experience using discount rules and multi-buy discount logic. The templates allow for incredible creativity with how promotions work and how you incentivize sales of specific products, combinations, or quantity of products.

Vouchers & Discount Codes using unique discount codes and discount code groups that can be applied to specific channels, countries, and customer groups. You can set rule-based promotions and configure discount codes to be customer-specific. Discounts can be used not just to slash product prices but also to provide free shipping.